125 MAX Evo - A new chapter for Rotax

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The news is huge! BRP Rotax, the Austrian engine manufacturer has unveiled the Evolution of the successful 125 MAX.

A few technical innovations that will increase ease of use while also improving performance. Therefore, not a brand new engine, but rather an evolution of the existing. For those who already own a Rotax engine, the upgrading kit will be available starting from December. For those looking to purchase a brand new Evo engine, the target is to satisfy requests already before Christmas. 
Here the areas where BRP Rotax worked extensively to reach the end goal of ever consistent performance in a level playing field.

• New carburetor – offers a significantly improved throttle response and reduces the need to re-adjust the calibration at changing conditions:
Electronic box – with new ignition timing for different engine specifications results in optimized engine characteristics.
Electronic timed exhaust valve – with exact timing. Two different switch points can be selected to allow an adaptation to individual driving preferences.
New battery holder unit – with integrated combined switch (OFF/ON/START) – less complex installation at the chassis and easy to operate.
New exhaust system – with split tuned pipe and silencer offers lower weight, reduced noise emissions and improved durability.
New con rod – advanced hardening process allows improved lubrication
• The changed profile of the piston allows a shorter break-in time and still provides a reduced wear rate.
“To fulfil our customer’s needs, we optimized the performance characteristics of the engine. The result is that due to equal opportunities the competition will be closer and the driver will have more fun on the track,” said Thomas Uhr, vice-president BRP-Powertrain and general manager BRP-Powertrain GmbH & Co KG.  
 “The advanced engine technology, specially defined for the new engine generation impresses by its ease of use, improved durability resulting in lower operating costs and less maintenance. But most importantly, the driver’s ultimate benefit is to spend more time on the track.” 

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