First victory for Birel ART at the Supernats in Vegas

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The Italian driver takes the first major victory for new Birel ART team at SKUSA Supernationals in Las Vegas.

Paolo De Conto (Birel ART/TM) emerged as the favorite in KZ2 since the first practice sessions, then imposing himself also in the qualifying heats. In a thrilling final, the Italian confirmed his superiority over the likes of Jonathan Thonon (Praga/Parilla), Davide Foré (CRG/Maxter) and Bas Lammers (Formula K/Parilla). Both Thonon and Foré moved up to lead the race, but with a few laps to go De Conto regained the lead and took a well-deserved win giving Birel ART its first victory in a international event. Thonon and Lammers complete the podium, while Foré and Myers rounded up the top-5-

KZ2 Final results:
1) Paolo De Conto 
2) Jonathan Thonon 
3) Bas Lammers 
4) Davide Foré
5) AJ Myers 
6) Alessandro Bressan 
7) Lorenzo Camplese 
8) Phillip Orcic 
9) Kel Treseder 
10) Fritz Leesmann 


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