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J3 Competition Inc. an American pillar within the international Karting industry has officially announced the launch of its own proprietary chassis line – COMPKART.

Erie, Pa. USA, November 10, 2014 –The project has been designed and realized internally by its founding and managing Directors who have fused years of work into the new ultimate vision that is -- COMPKART.
The COMPKART chassis line will offer the latest designs and components realized from a successful pedigree of developments and results.  Performance coupled with the ease of use, readily available and diverse products and an unmatched technical service platform will deliver this enhanced offering to the market.  The CIK/FIA homologated model, Covert 3.0 (CH/20/34) is produced with Ø 30mm tubing suited for KF/RMAX/TaG/KZ categories and is available in two different versions, ‘Racing’ and ‘Competition’ in order to better suit the competitors needs.
Quintessential to the framework of competitive motorsports, this has been the strongest of considerations with the COMPKART project as it has been duly noted and thoroughly developed during the entire process.  Commencing with the development phase, performance has been merged with the functionality of components in order to realize a large chassis ‘handling’ window to address changing circuit conditions.  Having spent endless hours of track testing aligned with weeks of tediously sifting through data; the performance can be without a doubt aimed at the top-level with the expectation of winning from drop of the green flag.
“Our goal is deeply rooted and the plan to execute on a long term horizon is not a one-dimensional task.  We have managed each phase according to plan and the final realization of the COMPKART brand is paramount to continuing the enhanced identity of J3 Competition Inc.” – J3 Management
The COMPKART Covert 3.0 model will be available in two versions, which provide important options immediately to the end-user from the first day of ownership.  The ‘Racing’ version is mainly characterized with aluminum components in addition to having a different stub axle configuration while the ‘Competition’ version is outlined with a full suite of magnesium components and a ‘C’ type stub axle. Thus, underscoring a few of the brands exciting highlights.
From the onset it is clearly noted that both models come fully equipped with a SST magnesium wheel set, Tillett Seat, and a full outfitting of ancillaries including a stylish and complete sticker kit.  With COMPKART, users are not obligated to purchase expensive ‘extra’ components such as wheel sets just to ensure chassis performance.  COMPKART is produced to perform from the consumer’s first experience at the race track.
In addition, the COMPKART chassis line will be available in two color options allowing for the end consumer to enjoy and embrace one brand wholeheartedly without having to cross paths into an entirely separate brand, a simple concept: One Brand –Two Color Options. 
COMPKART orders will be available and ready for shipment by the middle of December 2014.  In addition to the shipment and availability of chassis orders, a full suite of original COMPKART ‘///’ components will be available for delivery on the same date.  All COMPKART components will be easily identifiable through the unmistakably forward leaning ‘hash marks’ which underscore the ability to count on the brands commitment of always leaning toward the front edge of the competition. 
As the 2015 season progresses a full B2B and B2C multifunctional ordering and technical platform will be available to better service client requests.  J3 Competition has always focused heavily on value-added for its end-users and business partners and the COMPKART brand will enjoy the same level of commitment and focus.
“One thing that the Karting community has always counted on from J3 Competition Inc. is product availability and technical service. The COMPKART chassis line along with its components will enjoy the best of both without any concern.  Our ability to provide product coinciding with our technical service platform will ensure that COMPKART becomes one of the finest available chassis brands in the World.” – J3 Competition management.

Press Release by: Chassis - 14/11/14

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