Provisional 2015 CIK-FIA calendar

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After months of negotiations, the CIK-FIA and WSK Promotion finally agreed on the 2015 CIK-FIA Championship calendar.

The calendar is still provisional as it is subject to approval by the CIK Commission and the FIA WMSC.


Vice-President Kees van de Grint said: "I am happy that we finally have a calendar. Negotiations took a (too) long time, because there are so many parameters to be considered and the interests of all parties involved are not always the same.


The calendar follows the weather around Europe, from south to north and back to the south again, and has excellent intervals of 3 to 4 weeks for the various categories.


So I am quite satisfied, although I do regret that we have one clashing date between the events in Zuera (ESP) and Donington (GBR) but they will not hurt each other."


April 26; Sugo (JPN)

CIK-FIA Asia-Pacific KF Championship, 1st round


May 10; Sarno (ITA)

CIK-FIA European KZ Championship, 1st round

CIK-FIA European KZ2 Championship, 1st round


May 24, Portimao (PRT)

CIK-FIA European KF Championship, 1st round

CIK-FIA European KF-Junior Championship, 1st round


June 7; Zuera (ESP)

CIK-FIA European KZ Championship, 2nd round

CIK-FIA European KZ2 Championship, 2nd round

CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy, 1st round


June 7; Donington (GBR)

CIK-FIA European Superkart Championship, 1st round


June 21; PF International (GBR)

CIK-FIA European KF Championship, 2nd round

CIK-FIA European KF-Junior Championship, 2nd round


July 12; Genk (BEL)

CIK-FIA European KZ Championship, 3rd round

CIK-FIA European KZ2 Championship, 3rd round

CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy, 2nd round


July 26; Kristianstad (SWE)

CIK-FIA European KF Championship, 3rd round

CIK-FIA European KF-Junior Championship, 3rd round


August 2; Assen (NLD)

CIK-FIA European Superkart Championship, 2nd round


August 9; Le Mans (FRA)

CIK-FIA European Superkart Championship, 3rd round


September 13; Le Mans (FRA)

CIK-FIA World KZ Championship

CIK-FIA Karting Academy Trophy, 3rd round

CIK-FIA International KZ2 Super Cup


September 27; La Conca (ITA)

CIK-FIA World KF Championship

CIK-FIA World KF-Junior Championship


October 11; Macau (MAC)

CIK-FIA Asia-Pacific KF Championship, 2nd round

CIK-FIA Asia-Pacific KF-Junior Championship

CIK-FIA Asia-Pacific KZ Championship


Press Release by: FIA Karting - 13/11/14

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