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Birel ART presents the new line branded by the Australian Red Bull F1 driver.

Like other colleagues in the world of Formula 1 before him, Daniel Ricciardo has also made his own range of karts. In collaboration with Birel ART, Ricciardo Kart with the characteristic blue-white livery has now been presented to the public.
"I'm very happy to kick off this project, it's a fantastic adventure," said Ricciardo, who also added how he never stopped racing karts in his spare time.

Technically speaking, the Ricciardo Kart line covers all categories, from Mini to KZ, and is similar to that homologated by the Birel Art for the 2015 season, with the same novelties in terms of chassis geometries and materials.
So we find the DR01 30mm model for KF and KZ, the DR-AR28Y and DR-C28S for Mini, models including the Rotax DD2 and other models for promotional purposes.
Other new features, as well as the specific sports and racing wear line, will soon be available on the official website www.ricciardokart.com, and official Facebook and Twitter pages.


Stay tuned!
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