The new Birel ART chassis unveiled

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Birel ART presents its new look and the new range of chassis for the 2015 season.

The combination of the commercial project and the new round of international chassis homologation has allowed Birel ART to come up with a new look and a brand new range of chassis. The colours are the traditional red and white, now combined into a cooler look (and the race wear will be changed accordingly), but if we do not stop at appearances, we can see also several technical novelties, developed by the experience of all those involved in the collaboration.
Firstly, we find changes in the materials and geometry to improve performance, especially the ease of driving and consistency. Among the new components, we see new stub axles made in different materials, with the possibility of two adjustments for the steering angle, as well as a new, smaller braking system with monoblock caliper, with 2 pumps. In addition, for the models aimed at the gearbox categories, it was decided to develop the material independently from the direct-drive models, with different geometries and accessories (all of them, not just the new tilting gear lever).
So, compared to RY30-S7 KF model, the CRY30-S7 for KZ aims to improve traction and offers new rear bearing supports that allow you to lower the frame by 8 mm. The RY32-S7 and CRY32-S7 for categories using medium-hard tires have been developed in order to be more "free", while the RY29-S7 model (completely new) was developed specifically for lower-power engines, such as KFJ and Rotax. AR28-Y and C28-S models are ideal for Mini classes: the first is suitable for classes where a minimum pitch of 101cm is required, the second featuring new eccentric bushing (for camber and caster) just like in the models for higher categories.

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