In the qualifying heats of the WSK Euro Series, CRG-Maxter dominates

in KZ1 thanks to his driver Thonon

WSK Euro Series Muro Leccese -  7th March 2010

Thonon wins the qualifying heats and gets the pole position for the final phase. In Super KF Kozliski and Tiene perform well too. In KF3 Verstappen is the real surprise.

Muro Leccese (Lecce – Italy) 6th March 2010. The three-time world champion CRG-Maxter Belgian driver Jonathan Thonon conquered the leadership in the most powerful category, the KZ1, after the qualifying heats of the first event of the WSK Euro Series at Muro Leccese, on the International Circuit La Conca.

The quick CRG-Maxter official team driver, after the good practice sessions of Friday, managed to achieve an astonishing performance, leaving behind all his major competitors. He dominated the Saturday heats, getting the pre-final pole position to be raced on Sunday 7th March.
In this first event of the season, the other CRG-Maxter drivers achieved less predictable results. In the other top category – Super KF – the reigning world champion Arnaud Kozlinski had a technical drawback during the Superpole, then got involved in a race accident: in the end he got only the 8th place in the general provisional ranking. Anyway, he still stands more than a chance: for him the pre-final will be the perfect occasion for a recovery. In this same category, Felice Tiene’s performance was excellent, with his 5th overall position after getting a second place in one of the heats.

A bit behind David Forè (18), Eddy Tinini (22), the latter was even involved in an accident.

For the other two categories – KF2 and KF3 – the final ranking of the qualified drivers will be defined only after the last qualifying heats of Sunday morning. So far, among the CRG-Maxter drivers, the Argentinean driver Roberto Franco Curia performed at excellent levels together with the driver from Sardinia Giovanni Martinez and the CRG-Maxter junior team Danish driver Michelle Gatting.
In KF3, the surprise of the weekend is the young Dutch driver Max Verstappen, son of the former F1 driver Jos Verstappen. He confirmed his talent winning two of his heats. Great performance for the French driver Benjamin Gérard, who was unfortunately involved in a start accident in the last heat of the day. ForMario Ziletti the race is a good training.
The programme for Sunday 7th March has in its schedule the last qualifying heats of the KF2 and KF3 at 10.40am, the pre-finals at 12.30pm and the finals at 02.30pm.
Provisional Ranking KZ1/KZ2 (first 20 places):
1. Thonon (B) (Crg-Maxter); 2. Abbasse (F) (Sodi-Tm); 3. De Conto (I) (Energy-Tm); 4. Dreezen (B) (Tony Kart-Vortex); 5. Georgiev (Bg) (Crg-Tm); 6. Renaudie (F) (Pcr-Tm); 7. Lammers (Nl) (Intrepid-Tm); 8. Iglesias (F) (Intrepid-Tm); 9. Hawksworth (Gb) (Maddox-Parilla); 10. Lombardo (I) (Tony Kart-Vortex); 11. Piccoli (I) (Tony Kart-Vortex); 12. Toninelli (I) (Lenzokart-Lke); 13. Pex Jorrit (Nl) (Crg-Tm); 14. Davies (Nl) (Pcr-Tm); 15. Gazzurelli (F) (Fa Kart-Vortex); 16. Jeleniowski (D) (Energy-Tm); 17. Midrla (Cz) (Birel-Tm); 18. Piccioni (I) (Parolin-Sgm); 19. Garcia (E) (Crg-Maxter); 20. Habulin (Hr) (Crg-Maxter).
Provisional Ranking Super KF (first 22 places):
1. Convers (F) (Kosmic-Vortex); 2. Catt (Gb) (Tony Kart-Vortex); 3. Maisano (F) (Intrepid-Tm); 4. Cooper (Gb) (Kosmic-Vortex); 5. Tiene (I) (Crg-Maxter); 6. Cesetti (I) (Birel-Bmb); 7. Dale (I) (Birel-Bmb); 8. Kozlinski (F) (Crg-Maxter); 9. Puhakka (Fin) (Pcr-Tm); 10. Ardigò (I) (Tony Kart-Vortex); 11. Litchfield (Gb) (Fa Kart-Maxter); 12. De Vries (Nl) (Zanardi-Parilla); 13. Hanley (Gb) (Maranello- Maranello); 14. Camponeschi (I) (  Kart-Vortex); 15. Tillett (Gb) (Tony Kart-Tm); 16. De Brabander (B) (Intrepid-Tm); 17. Chamberlain (Gb) (Tony Kart-Tm); 18. Forè (I) (Crg-Maxter); 19. Van Der Raad (Nl) (Zanardi-Maxter); 20.Domenech (E) (Fa Kart-Vortex); 21. Gaggianesi (I) (Rk-Tm); 22. Tinini Eddy (I) (Crg-Maxter).
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