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Outstanding for softness and comfort, thanks to its Poron padding, the Pro-Tor is up to 90% shockproof .

MIR presents the new Pro-Tor Eip (Extreme Impact Protection) a brand new rib protection vest that does not derive from previous production. In fact, its main feature is softness, which improves the driver’s comfort in movement. Despite improved softness, it does not limit shock absorption: in fact, the new rib protector is made of Poron XRD padding, a "soft" material with exceptional shock-absorption capacity. It is also used for bullet-proof vests. The rib protector reduces and distributes 90% of the energy from shocks and impacts without reducing the feeling with the kart but reducing vibrations. 
Among its distinctive features, compared to other "harder" products (which are uncomfortable, ruin the racing suit and sometimes are in case of accidents are cause of injury) the Pro-Tor has al posto front protection against impact with the steering wheel, padding on the back on the back, the lining is elastic waistband and it is ultra light (About 420 gr depending on size).
Sizes vary from S to L for children, and from XXS to XXXL for adults, always with "carbon type" design in black and grey. 
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