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Croc Promotion is the name chosen by Armando Filini for his new team, sponsored by renowned energy drink.


After Birel and ART Grand Prix merged, the karting world was waiting to know what Filini was going to do. The former ART Grand Prix racing team manager had already made ​​it clear that he wanted to embark on a new project as the one offered by Nicolas Todt did not meet his expectations. Today, the Italian team manager, one of the most respected in international karting, along with investors from northern Europe, presents Croc Promotion Srl, the new team that he will manage starting from the 2015 season.
Also, the brand new livery will be identified with the graphics of the Finnish sponsor Mad-Croc energy drink.

The team of professionals headed by Armando Filini is already very well established, having been extremely successful in the past few years of racing activity around the world. The chassis, homologated in the latest homologation session, is already being tested on track these days and will be powered by Tm engines. In the course of this month, we will find out more also on the official drivers that will be part of the new team for the 2015 season.
You can check the development of the team on the official  website which is currently being launched, to be followed by the FB page and Twitter shortly after. 


Stay tuned!
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