Presentation of Lenzokart Official Racing Team 2010

Ready to challenge: WSK, OPEN, EUROPEAN CIK

Brolo 12 FEB 2010
Lenzokart unveils its cards: Roberto Toninelli, Mihnea Stefan, Tomi Dragan, Alessandro Mannozzi, Giuseppe Annunziata, Alessio Arasi, Marco Salemi. This is the new formation of the sicilian make to battle in the next upcoming season of international karting.

Engaging a talented and experienced driver like Roberto Toninelli in KZ classes and a promising driver like the romanian Mihnea Stefan in the hard and fascinating KF3 class, (both of them bearers of the new  Luxor colours), the management from Brolo has reached its goal.

The sicilian official racing team can count on other good drivers, that correspond to the names of Alessandro Mannozzi and Tomi Dragan, called to fight in this season in  KF2, after having gained experience in KF3 during the last years. The two young confirmed drivers, the first of Romania, the second from Lazio, will support the most experienced sicilian Alessio Arasi, who will represent, together with   Toninelli and Stefan, the new Luxorbrand in KF2 class.
The other KZ driver, the Neapolitan Giuseppe Annunziata, has gained on the field his confirmation as official driver: last year he was capable to surprise the even more titled  drivers in KZ classes, with his brilliant performances.
According to its programs, Lenzokart Team will be fighting on all the fronts, participating to both international and national races, including the WSK Series (World, Euro and National), the CIK-FIA European Championship and the italian Open Masters.

Michele Lenzo: We are ready. This season  really  promises to be the turning point. We have invested a lot on the  work and the talent of our drivers, and we look to this new challenge with confidence. The comparison with the other manufacturers this year will be even more exciting and to be lived. I really think we are able to reach some nice results in all three categories. Toninelli, Stefan, Dragan, Annunziata and Mannozzi have a  good potential, that,  combined with the high level reached in the development of our products, can bring to good results. It 's a great challenge and we face it under excellent auspices. You will see, this year we will have fun.

Roberto Toninelli: “Our work will give results! Since we have signed  our agreement a few months ago, we have worked hard both  in the workshop and on the track, developing new materials with which we will battle on the race. I am thinking positive and I look forward  to line up on the starting grid  of the championships to give my best  and return to the top of the KZ class. The fight will be hard, but it is a stimulating challenge, an ambitious project I joined immediately and I think we can harvest the fruits of our labour very soon”.

Tomi Dragan: “The new chassis-engine combination came up to our expectations during winter testing and I am  enthusiastic about it. There are all the conditions  to do well, although this is my debut season in KF2”.

Minhea Stefan: “I thank the whole  team  Lenzokart, that has believed in me  and has invested in my qualities. To compete in the WSK Series is an opportunity that must be fully exploited. I will compete with the best drivers in the world, for sure more experienced than me , but I think  I can learn much from them Which is my goal? Trying to carve out the  label of top driver and to be a surprise driver in 2010 in KF3. I strongly believe in the team and I have already had occasion to test chassis and engines”.

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