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The Motor Sports Association (MSA) has launched its new website to provide a better service to the sport and meet the needs of competitors and volunteers.

The website has been completely redesigned by digital agency, providing a more engaging user experience with improved content, style, layout and functionality. Importantly, the new platform will enable the MSA website to develop and change in the future as required.
Member services for licensed competitors, volunteer marshals and officials continue to work as before but with an improved interface, while newcomers keen to find out more about the sport can benefit from a raft of improvements to the public-facing portions of the site.
These include an expanded Get Started section, with a range of information, contacts, advice and guidance on all the main types of four-wheel motor sport. News and publications are now easier to find, and there is also a dedicated Resource Centre to house the site’s many forms and documents.
Rob Jones, MSA Chief Executive, said: “In recent years our website has been little more than an administrative tool – and often a confusing one at that. The new site has been completely overhauled; starting almost from scratch, we have evaluated what the MSA and – more importantly – the sport needs from the site and re-built it in that mould.
“We will make further improvements to our online presence and member services going forward but this is certainly a great start and a giant leap in the right direction. We are confident that motor sport’s competitors, marshals, officials, clubs and fans will agree.”

Press Release by: MSA - Motor Sports Association - 31/10/14

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