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New Rok DVS and Micro engines unveiled in Lonato.

The new direct drive Rok engines for the little ones and for the more demanding were presented in Lonato, the latter boasting 38 bhp, push start with decompressor, without clutch. The Rok finals in Lonato were the perfect stage for Vortex to showcase (and test) two very interesting new engines for its single-make trophy.
The Rok 125 DVS engine for SuperRok will be introduced already next year, and in some ways is an anticipation of the 2016 KF engines. For this reason, it has as many as 38 bhp and most importantly the decompressor on the cylinder head. This valve allows for an easy push start, getting rid of the electric starter, battery, wiring and centrifugal clutch. A real "direct drive", in short, with all the benefits in terms of performance and ease of use.
Among the other features, the purpose made 24 mm Ibea diaphragm carburetor, the external water pump, the countershaft, the pneumatic valve on the exhaust, the ignition by Selettra with fixed timing advance, and the absence of rev limiter. On this last point, however, the manufacturer has stated that the engine can just exceed 16,000 rpm.
The retail price is EUR 1,950 plus VAT, including carburetor and exhaust (but not cooling system), and distribution is expected to begin within a month.
Besides the DVS, Vortex presented also the new Rok Micro. In this case Vortex filled an age range not previously "covered", one for small drivers of approximately 6 years of age. The Rok Micro is a small but extremely well made 50cc engine, air cooled with piston controlled inlet. It provides 4.5 bhp and, similarly to the MiniRok, it has electric start and centrifugal clutch to allow excellent ease of use by the "microdrivers", as well as Selettra ignition with fixed timing advance and 14mm Dell'Orto carburetor.

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