Tony Kart Racing Team: 15th Winter Cup

The 15th edition of the Winter Cup was characterized by the bad weather. The awful atmospheric conditions influenced noticeably the result of our racing team.
On the occasion of the Winter Cup it was not possible to evaluate completely the new Vortex RAD.
Several concomitances such as rain, low temperatures and finals taking place late in the afternoon under the street lamps due to a delay in the time schedule, didn’t allow us to collect objective data.

In Super KF our drivers, Ardigò, Catt and Camponeschi looked for the best solution to use for the most important phase of the race. With the unforeseeable track conditions, in accordance with the whole Tony Kart Racing Team technical staff, our three standard-bearers used the Krypton KRX, our chassis with 32mm tubes, which proved to be effective on the wet asphalt on with temperatures always under 10°. 

SKF – The technical staff paid great attention to Vega tires, XM medium model used in SKF, in order to find the better way to integrate them with our chassis. The telemetric data proved that our chassis were able to keep a good performance during the whole race. From a sporting point of view the result at the end of the heats was positive, with Ardigò first and Catt 3rd. Gary Catt led the pre-final, unfortunately in the end he was forced to give up the race due to a technical inconvenience. In the final Ardigò was just behind the first four drivers but in the end with the new rule of penalty sum he classified 6th.

KF2 – KF2 race was compromised by some accidents occurred in the qualifying heats. Both D’Agosto and Kanamaru were involved in some contacts on the wet track. D’Agosto, forced to go to the repêchage, in the final could make a positive test during the race, showing the perfect balance of the chassis and the great performance of the Vortex RAD engine. The Italian driver, who started from the back of the starting grid, ended the race in 5th position, making extremely fast times. Olmedo, the new driver arrived at the Tony Kart Racing Team, got on well with the team and with the work methodology, showing a good feeling with the technical material, which was already used by the Argenitian driver in the past. Our three KF2 drivers used a Raver EVR chassis. At the beginning of next week the whole team will go down to the track in La Conca, in sight of the first race of the important WSK Euro series.

Giacomo Aliprandi - Team Manager Tony Kart Racing Team
“This race is always unforeseeable, it is really difficult to find dry asphalt and it is impossible to find good temperatures. For this reason the week before the Winter Cup we did a long test session in La Conca. Over there we found warmer temperatures and conditions similar to the ones that we will find at the beginning of the WSK. The real testing bench will be on the occasion of the WSK race in Muro Leccese.”

Alberto Viglino – Tony Kart Racing Team research and development department
“The race was influenced by the weather conditions moreover it is unusual to race with the street lamps. We gathered many data with the telemetry and they will be really useful for us in order to better understand how to proceed with the development of the new engines. The RAD proved to have a good potential, but we will better see in the next races with different temperatures.”  

Tony Kart Racing Team line-up on the occasion of the 15th Winter Cup. 

Marco Ardigò (Italy) Super KF – 6th classified
Gary Catt (GB) Super KF – 17th classified
Flavio Camponeschi (Italy) Super KF – rit.
Yu Kanamaru (Japan) KF2 – 25th  classified
Ignazio D’Agosto (Italy) KF2 – 5th classified
Jose Antonio Olmedo (Argentina) KF2 – 13th classified


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