The cover story is dedicated to a driver that has made history in motorsport. Lewis Hamilton, 2000 European FA Champion, back to his first love after 9 years. Together with fellow Formula 1 driver Nico Rosberg, Lewis tested his own LH chassis in Lonato, having his first, exciting taste of KF and KZ, with the assistance of Dino Chiesa. This issue also features the new CRS KZ engine track test, the second part of the new engine homologation review, a in-depth interview with Crg owner Giancarlo Tinini, and much, much more...


9 YEARS AFTER - Hamilton and Rosberg back racing karts

Though is no longer a surprise, finding Formula 1 drivers racing karts in Lonato still hits the headlines. The track in north of Italy is Schumacher’s second home; Alonso and Kubica have made it a training – and play – ground. It comes to no surprise that this time we’ve bumped into Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg


Gilberto Frattesi presents the new CRS G1, a gear class 125 made in more traditional sizes and setting compared to the ones we were used to, yet very innovative with particular solutions.

ENGINES - New homologations 2010-2018
We would like to continue on the topic of the new engines homologations. In a certain sense, the trend to develop the engine vertically that was evident at the beginning of the year has been confirmed once again.

INTERVIEW WITH – Giancarlo Tinini
Mr. Crg clarifies the reasons that led him to publish an interview about the current state of karting and he better explains some aspects that may appear contradictory.

CLOSE UP - The new Crg in the spotlight
The Tinini Group now includes the colossal CRG and Maxter and is also involved in other businesses in the sector, such as Primatist.

On 23rd and 24th of January the 18th edition of the IKA KART2000 attracted once again thousands of karting enthusiasts, who made their pilgrimage to Offenbach in Germany. The organisation of Alice and Botho G. Wagner prepared the exhibition perfectly, and was rewarded by plenty of visitors and exhibiting companies as well.

PALMARES 2000-2009
The new millennium is still bouncing around our heads, so 2010 almost caught us by surprise. Let’s explore the list of champions who left their mark as the 2000-2009 decade has come to a close. Who was the best driver and which team won the most titles?

TALKING TO - Darrell Smith
Darrell Smith, Rotax test and development director, is certainly one of the most likable guys in the paddock. Former Hong Kong Kart GP and Suzuka World Cup winner, Darrell extends his status of Champion to his day-to-day life, relations and profession. A true champ both inside and outside the track, one you have to look up to and admire both for his record and his determination to reach his ultimate goal: becoming a successful test driver and teaching young drivers the secrets of a lifetime experience.

CLOSE UP - Fabiano Belletti Itloox Racing
His drivers consider Fabiano Belletti as a sort of dad at the circuit: first he helps them grow and get them used to that sort of life, and then he makes them mature in the world of Formula racing. Let’s take a look and see how it all happens…

There’s talk of using carburettors like those used in motorcycling for direct drive engines. A divergence that sees these “chamber” components on one hand and the usual “diaphragm” ones on the other. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons for both solutions.

VINTAGE - Doing up a Dap Dap 100 1989 - part 3
Restoring work is progressing at full speed and with the engine now ready, we have started to reassemble the chassis after painting it.

After years of uncertainty following the international engine regulations change, Australia seems to have found again its own karting identity. Reconstruction is coming from different parts in various ways, and surely everyone’s effort has to lead to a positive outcome. Our correspondent Ian Salvestrin explains the actual situation and the near future of Aussie karting.

Only one race scheduled in this issue, the German Winterpokal held in Kerpen the weekend before Christmas, with the highly anticipated participation of F1 stars Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel. We also run down the results of the Polish national championship.

COLUMNS – Mondokart & 2010 National and International karting calendar
Exciting news for the De Vries family: young Nyck has been signed on to the McLaren Young Driver Development Programme. Formula BMW Europe releases the 2010 calendar and some of the entries of the new season. And we take a close look at HHC new revolutionary carburettor. To end with the 2010 national racing calendar from 27 nations across the world and the updated 2010 international karting calendar.

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