CIK-FIA "U18" World Karting Championship

The new CIK-FIA Karting World Championship, named «U18» in reference to its Drivers who must be under 18 years old (15-18 year-olds), is arousing quite a lot of interest.

It will be held on three events, starting in Germany at Wackersdorf on 25 July 2010. It will continue in Spain at Alcaniz on 29 August and finish in France, on the Val d’Argenton track on 3rd October.

As a reminder, this new concept is focused around three main lines: youth, education and accessibility. Concerning the latter aspect, the CIK-FIA «U18» World Championship will be an opportunity for young Drivers to compete in really affordable conditions thanks to the recourse to single-suppliers of equipment designated further to tender procedures. The selection of the best tenders has permitted the choice of Dunlop and Parolin for the supply of tyres and KF engines, which will both be delivered on a free basis to all the Drivers a each Championship event !

Regarding chassis, there will be room for emulation between the many different homologated makes, but some limits to the development of equipment will be set by the regulations. Chassis makes wishing to enter the Championship will be able to do so between 15 February and 22nd March. On account of their entry, they will accept that the CIK-FIA marks as a minimum 20 complete homologated chassis (without front brakes) and a series of reserve components such as rear axles, rims, hubs, spindles and stabilisers. It will be allowed to use only equipment bearing the marking affixed by the CIK-FIA. In addition to increasing equality of chances, this system will permit cost control thanks to a limitation of accessories variants and because technological evolutions will be curbed. It is from these identified chassis and components that the CIK-FIA Officials will take the equipment to carry out its distribution to the Drivers by drawing lots.

In practical terms, at the time they enter (entries open on 1st April on the website), Drivers will choose the chassis make with which they want to compete amongst those that are entered in the Championship. While this system will entail that Drivers shall invest in a new chassis prior to the first event, it will also guarantee that all participants dispose of a “standard” chassis instead of “tailor-made” models or “prototypes”.

If a make enters the Championship this will also imply that it is present at each event in order to make its services and advice available to the competitors.


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