More and more F1 drivers in kart

Once again, there was a Formula One atmosphere last Friday in Lonato. This time it’s been Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg’s turn, who took on the track on LH-Iame and Zanardi-Iame (KF) respectively, with the assistance and support of Dino Chiesa

by M. Voltini

It was the first time after 9 years absence in kart for Hamilton – in terms of proper testing – just like for Rosberg. After having fun with his brother on a Rotax Max, Lewis started rolling with his KF, later swapped for a KZ – “truly exciting” were his words.
Later on, both F1 drivers concentrated on KF, starting a bet on who’s going to be fastest. The two settled on a very good pace, hitting the 43”6, a very good laptime considering the little karting practice of the past years and the low winter temperatures, though the track was kissed by the sun almost all day.

Full report in Vroom February issue


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