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With the new 2010 engine homologation, don’t forget that these apply also for other technical components, like carburettors. To give a general view, however, we must say that we won’t be seeing the new carburettors on the market immediately. Technical reason being quite logical really, to start, with the coming of the new engines, those who make carburettors have waited to see what the requirements are regarding feed...

... so that they can work accordingly. Besides, you must also consider that, besides main measurements and sizes on the homologation form, what characterises carburettors are the passage and internal bores, which can be changed as you like. For such reasons, firms like Tryton and JHC decided not to put any models that probably will be subject to changes on the market as from now.

Differently, German manufacturer HHC has homologated a carburettor which is really different from the others and wish to present it immediately: named M1, M2 or M3 depending on the KF class that it will be mounted on, it comes obviously in three diameters 30, 24 and 20mm. However, the thing that stands out most is how the unit that forms the fuel pump and the pressure regulator has been detached from the rest of the carburettor body. This has enabled, within the aim of the designer-manufacturer, Karlheinz Hahn, to shape the pump in the best way to suit the requirements of KF engines practically doubling it. Carburetion is calibrated by means of two normal conical screws, but you don’t have the usual conical needle and there’s no need to use the pump manometer for checking pressure. The only thing that needs doing is to put in a tap on the hose that sends petrol, to close it when the engine is switched off.

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