Rotax Grand Finals 2009


As usual, a great event concludes the Rotax season. 216 drivers from 59 nations will contest the coveted world title of the most successful single-branded series in the world.

Report S.Murtas

This time, the venue is Ghibli Raceway in Sharm El-Sheikh (Egypt), one of the best locations this time of year. Not only the weather, always ranging in the mid 20 degrees, but also the fantastic facility are the key ingredients to make of the 2009 Rotax Grand Final a great one.

Maranello and Crg are the supporting chassis manufacturers of the 2009 edition, Maranello providing his RS 9 model for Junior category, and Crg providing the Black Star for Senior, and the Dark Rider for DD2 category.

After the morning qualifying heats, with the 2nd chance heat still to be held, the likely pole sitters for tomorrow’s prefinal are Ed Brand (UK) in Junior Max, Luke Varley (UK) in Senior Max and Ralph Odendaal (ZA) in DD2, all winners in the Rotax Euro Challenge, with the South African also grabbing the 2008 world title in 2008.


Tomorrow, Junior drivers will take on the track for the prefinal starting at 10 am. Then Senior class at 10.45, and DD2 at 11.20.
Finals will be held in the afternoon starting with the Junior at 13.10, Senior at 14.10, and DD2 at 15.10


Stay tuned!
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