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In 2014, the CIK-FIA is reviving the tradition of awarding the world title at the end of a single race weekend.

Thus, on Sunday 21 September, the 2014 World Champion and the Junior World Champion will be named, making this a major event for the entire karting community.


Another seemingly growing tradition at these big CIK-FIA meetings is the presence of historic karts. The International Federation has mandated the K61 club to organise an important international demonstration: the CIK-FIA Karting Historic Super Cup.


34 “ancestors” from all over Europe are expected to attend, retracing the history of our movement from its beginnings up until the 1980s. “Retro” karts are to take pride of place in the central aisle of the circuit, and there will be a historic exhibition, running sessions and more… To sum up, a strong message will be given to show our International Federation’s interest in its history and desire to protect a real heritage.


Registration form on the site CIK-FIA / on the K61 site / on the site of Retrokart France, who will manage registrations.


Stay tuned!
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