Following latest rumours according which Maranello should be about to shut its doors, we would say that what it’s been happening lately in the Italian factory suggests the exact opposite. The famous chassis manufacturer, in fact, is getting ready to also make its own engines.

With the new engines homologation later this year, Maranello is ready to present two new 125cc engine units: a direct drive engine for KF classes, and gearbox one for KZ. For the production, the racing department was even moved outside of the headquarters in Lonato. It must be said that both engines have been completely designed by Maranello: the basis are indeed those of the new Maxter, but the cylinders have been developed independently, so they can immediately benefit from all possible technical innovations. Regarding the KF model, shown in the picture, you can see some peculiarities like the horizontal reed pack, the redistribution of external components (for example, starter is now slot below) and the resizing of all elements. Even the cylinder is smaller than in previous models, though the design very similar. 


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