Giancarlo Tinini, president of C.R.G. S.p.A.,  announces  an
agreement  which  concerns the  creation  of  a  new  “CRG
Junior  Team”:  “An agreement has been reached between  CRG  and  VDK  for
the  creation  of  a  Junior Team which  will  have  the
task  to  let  the young drivers grow  in  competitions.  The
selection  of  the  best  drivers it’s up to VDK, then they will
be  proposed  to  the  factory team for the continuation of
their  activity  at  the  highest levels”.
The CRG Group is going to extend its racing  engagement in karting and will have a new “CRG Junior Team”
that will be side by side with the head office, with the main goal to let the new karting talents grow. The
“CRG  Junior  Team” will  therefore  have  the  mission  to  favour  above  all  the  young  drivers competitive
activity towards the most important sports goals.  It’s a clear sign of trust in the future, starting from the
youngest drivers, which involves an important brand such as the CRG Group, that confirmed itself also this
year as the most winning brand in World Championship titles.
The new “CRG  Junior Team” will  be managed by  the  two  Belgian  brothers  Alain and  Eric Verdaasdonk, 
appreciated owners of the VDK Team and clever talent-scout like in the case of Jonathan Thonon,  world
champion now for  the  third  consecutive time with CRG-Maxter after having started  his  karting career in
1996  in  the  “mini”  class  of  the  Belgian  Championship with the VDK Team.   Among  the  drivers  who  are
followed at the moment by the VDK Team we need to mention the 17-years-old Belgian Stoffel Vandoorne
who is successfully racing in the WSK International Series.
The  “CRG  Junior Team” will  take  part  in  the  international  races of  the  KF3 and  KF2 categories,  in the
Belgian and French Championships and will avail itself of a suitable operating structure on the race tracks.
Press Office C.R.G. S.p.A.
Lonato (Brescia), November 6th 2009



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