Macao (China), the 11th of October 2009.  Another great world success for CRG and Maxter motors in the Karting World Championship. After the recent success of Thonon in the KZ1 World Cup it was this time the French Arnaud Kozlinski to win for CRG-Maxter and to jump on the highest step of the podium in the Super KF World Championship referring to the queen category of karting without gear during the event of a sole round which was run for the first time in Asia on the circuit of Macao.

A victory which was built with great determination: that’s what “Koko” got in the difficult Chinese weekend where the 28-years-old driver from Bordeaux was a protagonist since the beginning of the race, mastering the scene and well deserving to become World Champion 2009.

CRG wins therefore the “big slam” title of the season with a sensational second year of victories which seals indeed a fabulous end of season for the whole Italian team. A great result that confirms the competitiveness of CRG chassis further to the power and to the reliability of Maxter motors.

“Koko” was able to reach this result in Macao after his victories in the qualification heats and in the pre-final. On the contrary,  there was  quite an uncertainty as to the result in the Final which was one of the most uncertain and hard fought race of these last years, influenced furthermore by the rain  which started to fall from the 6th of the 25 laps in programme.

In fact the asphalt was already particularly slippery due to problems of the day before which were solved during the night using concrete and  resin, and from the 6th lap of the Final also the rain came to create confusion, so that the leadership of the race was passing from “Koko” to Renaudie then to Ardigò and later to Vainio.

But in the topic moment of the race,  at 6 laps from finish,  it was “Koko” to get again the leader  just in time  before the end with red flag  when it was clearly dangerous to continue the race which was anyway considered valid because 80% of the total laps were run until stop. Vainio and Hanley got the podium together with “Koko” and the fourth place went to Thonon who made an excellent recovery from the 9th position.

Unfortunately the French Brandon Maisano on LH-Maxter wasn’t able to put into practice  the good things done during the whole weekend and even starting from the first line with “Koko”, he was immediately out of the race  due to an accident just after the start.

The other driver with LH chassis, the British Oliver Rowland, who was assisted on track by Dino Chiesa as well as Maisano, hardly fought for the leadership but had then to be satisfied with his 12th place just ahead of Davide Forè who was lingered by some contacts. Among the CRG drivers,  finally we need to mention Eddy Tinini who was really unlucky  being involved in a couple of accidents in the heats  so to loose the access to the Final  which he was well deserving.

A great celebration at the end for the whole CRG team but also emotion for  the umpteenth World Title which further enriched the yet fantastic international palmarès-prizewinners of the Italian company. “Everything was OK – said just after the race Giancarlo Tinini, President of C.R.G. S.p.A. – and it was a nice result for CRG and of course for “Koko” who was chasing this title since a long time. He made an excellent race and proved what a good driver he is. It was a good result which came at the end of a season I which “Koko”, Thonon and Forè  have been committing themselves  to the development and research.  Here in Macao we also had a good fourth place with Jonathan who recovered very well after the qualification heats. I’m also happy for Aaro Vainio and Ben Hanley of Maranello who complete the success of Tinini Group together with Maxter motors which reach the first four places of the Super KF World Championship. It was anyway a pity for Eddy because he couldn’t reach the Final due to a couple of accidents. It was an important season full of successes so this is the right occasion to thank  all the mechanics and the staff who gave a great contribution to our victories.”

Obviously very happy Arnaud Kozlinski: “It’s my first victory in a World Championship and of course I am happy indeed. I had a rather bad start at the beginning of the year but I kept on having trust so after a lot of work on the development of the motors we had at the end a brilliant result. This title is a reward for previous disappointments and above all for the misfortune of last year after an accident in Las Vegas. This is my third year with CRG and I wish to thank the whole team which supported me in every moment.  Running in Asia brings me good luck considering also that I was third in the SFK World Cup in Suzuka and always in Suzuka I won the 2006 World Cup in Formula A.  With this success in Macao I have also won a bet with Nico, who is the Maxter responsible manager. The prize was a Rolex which is now my watch!”.

Omar Di Gesualdo, CRG Sportive Director: “After the problems the day before due to the crumbling asphalt the event could have a regular ending and we had Kozlinski’s important victory. It was marvellous also because our driver was chasing this result since a long time. My congratulations to “Koko” who made me move for what he could realize. We also had a great performance from Thonon while Forè suffered  for a few accidents.  Excellent was Maisano who was in great shape but also quite unlucky for the accident at the start. We are closing this year with two Championship titles in Super KF and KZ1, further to a third place at the European KZ1.  We really have very good equipment either CRG or Maxter and this is so encouraging to be able to reach other goals in the future”.

Nico Carigiet, Responsible for Maxter engines: “Really a fantastic result for us as we had four Maxter motors at the first four places which is proving our superiority on a dry and also on a wet track. We had a splendid growth  trend  in our results this year with a series of good victories especially at the end of the season”.

Jonathan Thonon: “I am very happy for Koko’s victory and for CRG which wins this way both the World Titles of KZ1 and Super KF.  In the Final I had a good start and was just following Koko but I preferred to support my team avoiding therefore to pass him. I think I did the right thing as it was very important for CRG to win the World title and I am satisfied for my contribution”.

Davide Forè: “I had an accident in the pre-final which forced me to start the final from the 17th position. Just before the rain I was among the leaders then after that I had to slow down because it was becoming a real dangerous situation. I am anyway very happy for Koko’s result and for CRG”.

Eddy Tinini: “I am very satisfied with the result of the whole team. I wished to run the Final too so to be able to give my contribution but unfortunately it was impossible because  two accidents during the heats stopped me”.


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