Kozlinski and CRG Are World Champions

For the 15th time in its history, CRG won the World Champion title in the top category of karting and confirmed itself as the most titled champion in the world at this level! 2009 season proved once again that the CRG chassis is an undisputable reference point for all karters. After Jonathan Thonon's victory at the World Cup for KZ1, it was Arnaud Kozlinski's turn to triumph in Macao, at the World Championship for Super KF. Regardless of whether or not it is equipped with a gearbox, the Italian chassis wins!

"When we chose the technical features of the Road Rebel chassis, we were not wrong" stressed CRG's technical manager. "It is both reliable and versatile. It wins in every country where it races and once again it has enabled us to make the difference at the highest level".

Track conditions were rather difficult in Macao, though Arnaud Kozlinski and the CRG Team demonstrated once again their incredible competitiveness in every situation. "We deserved to conquer the world title already in 2008, but a technical problem came in the way. It is a great revenge! ” The French driver commented delighted. "I was the leader after timed qualifying, and then I won the pre-final and the final, despite some heavy rain in the last part of the race while we were on slicks. It was a deserved victory!”

The CRG Team can also be very satisfied with the overall performance of its karters. Fourth in the standings, Jonathan Thonon was within a hair's breadth of making the podium, while Davide Forè had to fight hard to reach 13th place, after a series of troubles during the qualifying phase.

After the KZ World Title, Here is the KF One
Maxter engines monopolised the top standings in Macao and the 2009 World Championship finished with a magnificent performance, with the first four places occupied by MX Tag engines. Regardless of whether they were mounted on a CRG, a Maranello or a LH, Maxter engines dominated the scene in Asia. The pole position went to Ben Hanley, the first place in the qualifying heats was for Arnaud Kozlinski, “Koko” also won the pre-final, preceding the young Brandon Maisano, and then the final, with his equipment at the top. "In addition to its great performances, the Maxter engine is undisputedly reliable in the most difficult of all KF categories, because the engine regime can reach 16,000 rpm", Nico Carigiet declared. "The company has made a remarkable job, our engineers and mechanics are very talented and this is all very encouraging now that there are only a few months to go before next homologation of the KF engine, for the KF4, KF3, KF2 and Super KF categories”.
The two Maranello-Maxters driven by Aaro Vainio and Ben Hanley finally reached Kozlinski's CRG-Maxter on the podium and with Jonathan Thonon in fourth place, Maxter were in all the first four standings. Five weeks after Thonon's coronation at the World Cup for KZ1, Maxter was once again the top engine of 2009 season.


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