The curse of Liedolsheim strikes again

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The German circuit is once again hit by tragedy following the fatal accident that involved Michael Weichert, race organizer and member of the DMV, the German Motorsport Association.

Michael, real kart racing fan as well as key figure of the German motorsport association, was taking part in the Rhein Main Kart Cup in KZ2 on 30 March. Following a messy start, he got pushed wide by a fellow driver and hit the side barriers on the homestraight.
A tragic fatality, but the German circuit seems to be burdened by a curse, having already been closed in 2009 as a result of another fatal accident, which involved the young, unforgotten European KZ2 Champion Thomas Knopper.

Weichert, who would have been 50 on 6 April, was married to Annelie, to whom we extend our heartfelt condolences.

In the video by RheinMainTV, the sequence of the accident


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