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It’s ready, it’s out and it’s waiting to be yours. Unipro’s latest data acquisition UniGo 05 series features the latest in technology, software and materials. Four new models (3005, 5005, 6005, 8005) that provide for all types of driving experience, from hobby to professional racing.

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Following a three-year development period, the UniGo 05 Series was conceived as a further improvement of the very successful UniGo 03 series, using the latest technology yet keeping the high quality standards Unipro is known for, such as the aluminum cases in all its products. 

As a first novelty, Unipro introduced the 3005 system, mostly aimed at hobby drivers and the vast leisure market. On this system you can connect two temperature sensors, speed and revs, you can pick up the laptimes and all the data can easily be downloaded with a USB cable. Included in the kit, also a brand new PC software, completely different compared to that of the 03 Series. Met in Lonato at the Winter Cup, Unipro owner Mogens Jessen explained the main features of the UniGo 05 Series.


Why did you change both hardware and software in your 05 Series…

“First of all, I would like to point out for our customers that the very successful 6003 system, a bedrock of our production line, will continue to exist. Why changing both hardware and software? Because we felt it was necessary. As technology develops fast, we found better solutions for the various different functions of our systems. When we started developing our 03 series, we soon realized that starting from scratch would have been much more effective, less costly and potentially granting a better product than updating the existing system. For instance, in the 05 Series all cables are completely different and contribute greatly to the improvement of our new line of data acquisition systems.”

The 5005, 6005 8005 systems completing UniGo 05 Series by Unipro will soon be available in the market. Discover the features of each system on Vroom International March/April issue.

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For more info on technical details and prices visit Unipro’s official website www.uniprolaptimer.com or contact your local dealer.



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