Blasting KZ2 in Lonato

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The event that opens the international season started in Lonato. Dalé proved the fastest in KZ2 qualifying practice, but in the heats the fight is going to be fierce.

It almost felt like spring time in Lonato during the official qualifying of the 19th Winter Cup, which counts as many as 230 entries.
In KZ2 timed qualifying, Dalé stopped 42"414 beating Camponeschi (+ 0"076) and Zanchetta (+ 0"130). Bad luck for Lennox, one of the likely protagonists of the weekend, excluded from qualifying because found underweight of 100gr.
In KF, Alessio Lorandi took pole (44"165) at his debut in the category. Behind him, Bertonelli (+ 0"046) and Russian Stupenkov (+ 0"097) with  Nielsen and Tiene right behind. In KFJ, Colombo (44"221) proved fastest, with Mosca slower of more than a 1/10 and Austrian Reicher 3rd fastest.

Top, Flavio Camponeschi was Dalè's main rival in KZ2 qualifying practice. photo D. Pastanella


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