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The next-generation Dakton capture data system is ready to be launched.

Dakton has been conceived and realized thanks to the hard work of RKS, the factory specialized in the realization of specific software for the sporting competitions and OTK Kart Group.

Dakton collects, analyses and converts data coming from chassis and engine in a complete manner so that such information is clear and ready for drivers and teams.

OTK and RKS are the two factories that have projected the Dakton system.

OTK Kart Group, manufacturer of the famous Tony Kart brands, Kosmic, Fa Kart, Exprit and Vortex, has been supplying next-generation chassis in terms of technology, material and engineering, allowing its customers to stand out in all sporting tracks on the occasion of top-level competitions.

RKS is qualified in the realization of data analysis software.

Thanks to such qualified cooperation (OTK Kart Group-RKS) the next-generation, reliable and efficient system has come to light, with three different configurations satisfying any driver’s needs. DAKTON software will be available in three versions: DAKTON-XEL, DAKTON-XTRA andDAKTON-XPERT.
Three models for the Dakton system, from the basic advanced platform (XEL) to the top-level, EXEL.

Basic, intermediate and top-range configurations; the choice will be made according to the kind of analysis desired. We remind that the purchase of additional parts includes the upgrade, so there is no need to setup or configure the software anytime......


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