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GFR has been a name to reckon with in the field of engine preparation in KF with the TM brand for ten years.

"GFR was fortunate to work with excellent drivers in 2013," says Gordon Finlayson. "Max Verstappen, Dorian Boccolacci, and Tom Joyner recently winning the KF World Championship, have enabled many achievements for us. The chassis and engine are important, but what matters most is still the driver, you tend to forget. We now need to find talent at the same level for 2014!


"We often hear that the current problem in high level karting comes from KF engines. For me, it's not fair. Experts now agree on the quality and reliability of the engines from the latest homologation. It took us six years to get there, but now the KF is fully developed, the differences are minimal from one brand to another. In my opinion there are other factors to consider to improve the situation.


"I think the meetings are too long. When we start running on Wednesday, the drivers and equipment are tired when the final comes on on Sunday. In addition, it becomes difficult to manage successive races, as there also too many. Sometimes I barely have time to return to my workshop for several weeks. But this is where we work on preparing engines. The time for championships with four or five events is over. In addition, the tyres are also a factor in additional costs which should be reduced.


"Apparently I'm not the only one to express this analysis of the situation. It seems that the CIK-FIA is aware and the Sporting Regulations and the 2014 calendar are satisfying".

Press Release by: FIA Karting - 14/02/14

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