New silencers for 125cc gearbox karts

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CIK 2014 homologation: only for KZ international races, starting with the Winter Cup.


The CIK has recently homologated the new, more 'restrictive' silencers for gearbox categories that will have to be used from the first international race of the 2014 season, the Lonato Winter Cup scheduled on 21-23rd February.

The CIK homologated six new models that respect the new technical specs aimed at limiting noise: three models have been produced by Italian manufacturer Elto (OVS, OVD and TD), two by French D.Racing (Sarno and Varennes) and one by MC Racing (KZ).

The new silencers' homologation is valid until 2022 - that is if the CIK will not change rules in the meantime - and they're only mandatory for international races.



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