Mike Wilson has risked dying

Mike Wilson, one of the most beloved characters in karting where he had a brilliant career, risked dying of a heart attack while coaching young driver Lance Stroll at a track in Canada.

Mike was immediately taken to a specialized centre by helicopter, where he was treated with a cryogenic therapy. The treatment sent his extremely worn-out heart in hypothermia.
Indeed Michele, as he was called in Italy (where he had much of his karting fortune) had already suffered a stroke in the past, and Saturday September 5 risked not make it. Lawrence Stroll, Lance’s father - a very influential person in Canada, owner of Mont-Tremblant circuit in Quebec and fashion tycoon who has worked with Pierre Cardin and Ralph Lauren - played an essential role in saving Mike’s life with his prompt intervention.
The collaboration between Mike and the Strolls materialized thanks to Lawrence’s friend Michael Schumacher, who pointed Wilson as the most suitable person to guide Lance’s agonistic training. A not so fortunate experience for Mike.
Now, after two days of pharmacologically-inducted coma, doctors have assured that the brain has suffered no damage, but the situation is not entirely out of danger. On a positive note, Mike has given clear signs of recovery when he recognized his wife Nicoletta and his two children who immediately rushed to Canada.


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