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The priority of the upcoming season for the French manufacturer will be clearly given to Rotax events.

The tandem Anthony Abbasse / Henry Easthope will defend the Sodi colours in international DD2 races at Campillos Winter Cup, Euro Challenge and International Open of Zuera, while Vincent Fraïsse will fight in Rotax Senior.

Under the responsibility of Nicola De Cola, the official team will aim to demonstrate the potential of Sodi in this high-level competition. However, Sodi doesn't wish to participate in the escalation of means implemented, including through structures more impressive in the paddocks.

"It is important to don't associate Rotax with large budgets," says the president of Sodi. "The key is to have performance equipment under normal operating conditions, and all our guests can enjoy without breaking the bank. We want to stay in the spirit of the CIK- FIA Academy Trophy or the U18 World Championship. Our goal is always to produce the best chassis for every Sodi drivers, officials and private, for fighting to victory at all levels."

Abbasse will also participate to the European and World KZ Championships with strong ambitions after an exciting 2013 season (that ended with the first step of the podium in Las Vegas).


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