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In the pictures: All trophies received by CRG and Tinini Group at the WSK Gran Galà held in Adria.

CGR obtained the highest rewards for season 2013 with Max Verstappen at the WSK Gran Galà. The Dutch driver secured in fact the WSK Euro Series KZ1, the WSK Master Series KZ2 and also the trophy “Driver for the Year”.
Teams and drivers victorious on CRG chassis have also been awarded as the companies of Tinini Group.

CRG got the full haul once again in the WSK Gran Galà, the prize ceremony of the championships organized by WSK Promotion that closed the 2013 season at the conference room of the Adria International Raceway. A great final applause celebrated CRG's most victorious driver of season 2013, Max Vertappen, who has also been received the very prestigious "Driver of the Year" trophy.

The title of "Driver of the Year" went deservedly to Max Verstappen and the prize has been collected by Nicole Tinini who has been representing CRG and the Dutch driver that could not make it to this event due to a conflicting commitment in the United States.

It has been a very good reward for Max Verstappen's incredible 2013 season that has been impressively full of success. Max Verstappen and CRG managed to put in a streak of record victories earning the victory of the WSK Euro Series KZ1 and WSK Master Series KZ2 titles as well as the KZ World Championship, the KZ European Championship and the KF European Championship.

CRG obtained also some other prizes at the WSK Gran Galà held in Adria, such as the victory in the KZ1 WSK Euro Cup thanks also to the final third place secured by Jonathan Thonon, and the second prize in the WSK Master Cup.

Important results have also been achieved by the teams and drivers that had been competing on CRG chassis, like team Gamoto Racing that had a very good season winning 60 Mini's WSK Euro Cup and WSK Master Cup thanks to the results of its drivers, or  Eliseo Martinez who got the victory in the WSK Euro Series and in the WSK Master Series and Konstantinos who earned the third place of the WSK Euro Series.

Several prizes have also been collected by the other brands of Tinini Group like DR that celebrated Riccardo Negro's victory in WSK Euro Series KZ2 and his third place in WSK Master Series KZ2, Maranello Kart that was second in WSK Euro Series KZ2 with Marco Zanchetta and then again DR and Maranello Kart that ended the WSK Euro Cup KZ2 respectively in first and second place.       

Felice Tiene also took part in the WSK Gran Galà to represent CRG as he has been a very good protagonist of the International season of KZ (3rd in the European Champion) and KF (6th. in WSK Euro Series and 7th in the European Championship).

All participants to the WSK Gran Galà have been given a very nice souvenir: the WSK Promotion volume that illustrates the CIK-FIA and WSK 2013 championships with 600 pictures and a cover dedicated to Max Verstappen and to his incredible season. The book has been produced by Vallardi in Italian and English with text edited by Fernando Morandi, and pictures provided by Cunaphoto and other important agencies. It will be available in specialized book stores in Europe, Canada, United States, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Max Verstappen's “Driver of the Year” 2013 season, on CRG-Tm:

WSK Euro Series - Champion
02.03.2013 La Conca (I): KZ1, Final1: 1st
03.03.2013 La Conca (I): KZ1, Final2: 1st
23.03.2013 Zuera (E): KZ1, Final1: 1st  
24.03.2013 Zuera (E): KZ1, Final2: 1st
20.04.2013 Sarno (I): KZ1, Final1: 3rd
21.04.2013 Sarno (I): KZ1, Final2: dnf.
01.06.2013 Genk (B): KZ1, Final1: 1st
02.06.2013 Genk (B): KZ1, Final2: exc.

WSK Master Series - Champion
02.02.2013 La Conca (I): KZ2, Final-1: 1st
03.02.2013 La Conca (I): KZ2, Final2: 1st
06.07.2013 Sarno (I): KZ2, Final1: 6th
06.07.2013 Sarno (I): KZ2, Final2: 7th
04.05.2013 Precenicco (I): KZ2, Final1: 2nd
05.05.2013 Precenicco (I): KZ2, Final2: 1st
13.07.2013 Castelletto (I): KZ2, Final1: 3rd
14.07.2013 Castelletto (I): KZ2, Final2: 2nd

CIK-FIA KF European Championship - Champion
16.06.2013 Alcaniz (E) Final: 3rd
21.07.2013 Ortona (I) Final: 2nd

CIK-FIA KZ European Championship - Champion
19.05.2013 Wackersdorf (D) Final: 1st
30.06.2013 Genk (B) Final: 1st

CIK-FIA KZ World Championship - Champion
22.09.2013 Varennes (F) Final: 1st

CIK-FIA KF World Championship - 3rd
01.09.2013 Brandon (GB) Final: 1st
23.11.2013 Bahrain (BHR) Final: exc.

Winter Cup 2013 KF2 - Winner
17.02.2013 Lonato (I) Final: 1st

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24 January 2014

Press Release by: CRG - 28/01/14

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