Crg/Maxter-Thonon one up on the others

The Crg team has once again showed its true strength during a titled event like the KZ1 World Cup. The group is well assorted and the elements that determine such results are all present. GiancarloTinini heading the team has always had his ideas straight and his strategy has enabled him to boast brilliant results.

From the historic chassis that has always made the group from Desenzano stand out from the rest, even the Maxter power always wanted by Tinini and on which they continue to invest to get the same results as in the gear class, the class which is less subject to regulation changes, also in the direct drive, the position of the All-Black group is consolidated at the top of international racing. In this oiled mechanism we certainly can’t do without mentioning Patrick Savard, from Tec-Sav, who has done an excellent job. He too has been discovered by Tinini and with whom he has built up a wonderful and very successful relationship of collaboration.


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