Thonon goes down in history

And three! Well we should shout and four! As Thonon would have won on the field also the 2006 championship that by points went to Forè when he still wore Tonykart colours. Anyway, this doesn’t mean that the value of the Belgian champ is less. In Sarno, he grabbed the third consecutive title of the queen class with gear and there’s no doubt about that.

He is a driver capable of interpreting this event best. It isn’t difficult to predict his win even after the Belgian Crg standard bearer gets maximum penalty durino heat one when his engine breaks. After winning the other three heats, Thonon tackles the prefinal from row five and his only aim is to get to row three… because from there he’d be able to build up his win. Lammers, a strong rival from the eve of the event on grid next to Thonon, helped him out when he makes the mistake of jumping the start. Being back placed helped Thonon get to row two… A favour that has helped final results even more. Iglesias was fast for a couple of laps but as the tyres wore Thonon became more and more competitive. He’s the champion of the new millennium class, he who equal Beggio’s record (5 victories) and forge his mark in the historic wins of world karting championships… to be continued

Niceta incredible! De Vries incredible!
The two adjectives mean that Niceta’s win was unexpected, just as the mistake that saw De Vries, the same who kidded his rivals durino heats and prefinal, up to the last few metres for the final. The problem was soon evident; De Vries had the wrong ratio setting. The mystery was cleared only after the race was over. After together with the team having decided to change the engine for the final because of a strange noise it was making at the end of the prefinal, they didn’t realise that the engine they mounted was one that had been set in case the race was held on a wet track. The pinion mounted obviously had one tooth less and that was that. Well, a predicted win that would have sent a betting agency in tilt. So, with De Varies out of the way, but he really put in some exciting racing, especially along the mixed part, where he showed off all his best racing skill, gaining places that he’s lost along the straight (on the contrary we don’t know how on earth he took fifth considering that characteristics of the track which are fast). There were too many at that point who could have taken home this first international KF3 cup. So, out of the bunch, in an incredible sequence of events Niceta comes through to lead almost by magic.

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Created by: admin - 08/09/09

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