Terrible accident. Thomas Knopper dies at 19

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During the 4th round of the DKM German KZ2 Championship, Dutch driver Thomas Knopper had a terrible accident at the end of the long straight at the start of the final that also involved Italian Paolo De Conto. Thomas raced for Pcr Dutch dealer AVG Racing, with which he won the European KZ2 Champion in 2007.

Our sincere condolences to Thomas' family and friends.

At full speed, Knopper rolled over several times with his kart hitting the earth wall, with the kart then bouncing back on the track. Though the cause of death is still under investigations, as the police has acquired the video of the race, reportedly Thomas died as a result of broken neck. The circuit of Liedolsheim has been placed under distraint. In fact, the facility has failed to modernize according to actual standards. Doubts remain on whether this tragedy could be avoided. A tragedy also for our sport, which points the finger at those who manage it.

Thomas Knopper was only 19. He took the title of European KZ2 Champion in 2007 with Pcr/Tm.

Our sincere condolences to Thomas' family and friends.

Anyone who wishes to express his sympathy can send a message to AVG Racing email address avgracing@home.nl 

We found a video on YouTube that shows Turn 1 during the police on-site investigations.



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