Flying on water in the Easykart final in Castelletto

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The wet finals of the Easykart International Final went to Michelotto in 60, Safar in 100, Pittingale in 125, Game in Kart Grand Prix and Midrla in Shifter category.


The rain made ​​ things a bit more difficult for the drivers flocked to the 7 Laghi circuit in Castelletto di Branduzzo for the Easykart finals (Kart Grand Prix included) but in the end everything went for the better. In 125 Master, the main category of the series, the English driver Barnaby Pittingale emerges from the initial chaos after starting ninth. Marco Iannotta managed to bridge the gap from the leader despite some mistakes, but did not quite make it to move past and had to settle for second place.

In 60 category, raced under heavy rain, no one was able to trouble Mattia Michelotto, who won with a good margin over Christian Cobellini. Lion Zozin came in third for an all-Italian podium. In the 100 category, Mauro Auricchio initially seemed to prevail, but after a few lead swaps Davide Lombardo managed to take the lead. On the last lap, however, Auricchio tried again and spun, with Lombardo forced wide in an attempt to avoid him and Czech Vaclav Safar taking advantage and moving on to grab the win.
In Kart Grand Prix Toby Sowery seemed the only one able to counter fellow Brit Bobby Game, when a seizure forced him out of the race. Finally, in the Shifter class Alessandro Ruggeri tried to displace Jan Midrla from the lead in every way, when he moves past he also overcooks it allowing Midrla back in the lead. Then with two to go he spun while trying to an attack and the victory goes to Midrla. 


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