De Conto wins the DSKM Vice Championship title

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117 drivers from more than 15 nations took part in the grand finale of the German Karting Championship in Genk after Ampfing, Wackersdorf, Kerpen and Hahn / Hunsrück.

Bad weather conditions, with winter temperatures and heavy rain, characterized the whole event, with only the last races of the day on Sunday spared, when the track finally dried out.
In the struggle for the title of the DSKM category, the winner's name was already known; the Dutchman Jorrit Pex, after winning three times consecutively in the league, had already secured his victory.
The two races, despite the certainty of this result, were very compelling and the undisputed star of both was Paolo De Conto, from the AVG Racing team.
 In race 1 the driver of the Birel MTS dominated from start to finish, winning with a 4 seconds lead. The third step of the podium was also in red, with the great Verdi Geurts of the Solgat Motorsport team who, like De Conto, took to the track with the new 2014 Birel chassis demonstrating its excellent potential.
In race 2, the 34 riders who started had to adapt to the change of condition of the track which, though now dry, had caused many problems and various skids. Paolo De Conto, however, was not the least affected by this problem and took his second victory of the day and the title of DSKM Vice-Champion.
DSKM Championship Final score:
1 . Jorrit Pex (188 points)

2 . Paolo De Conto (138 points)

3 . Kevin Illgen (110 points) 
4 . Ricardo Romkema (97 points)

5 . Alexander Schmitz (95 points)


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