Thonon set to coach Crg drivers in California

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Four-time World Cup for KZ1 winner Jonathan Thonon is set to make the trip to the USA to support PSL So-Cal with drivers coaching on a three day test.

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Set to support all CRG drivers with driver coaching, chassis tuning and more, not only will Thonon be offering three days of personal coaching on October 23-25th, the multi-time karting champion will also be onsite and available for all PSL So-Cal drivers for driver coaching and training during the upcoming round of the LAKC (Los Angeles Kart Club) on October 26-27th. With over 200 entries per event, Thonon will look to bring that extra advantage to the PSL So-Cal team.
"I've been working from distance with Jonathan for over a year," explained Francois Doran, PSL So-Cal owner. "We test and develop new components together, and I send our latest R&D to him to be tested. I think now it's time to bring him in our pit and have him trackside. We consistently look for an edge that no one has and I think bringing a big name like Thonon at a LAKC event will be good for everyone; our drivers, our tuners and the club." 

This effort brought forth by PSL So-Cal and Thonon will support all CRG drivers by providing top of the line coaching, chassis expertise, chassis tuning, lead and follow and more. Onsite for five days but organizing three test days (at three customers maximum per day), PSL So-Cal will offer the following dates and locations for this special driver coaching opportunity:
October 23rd : Calspeed in Fontana, CA
October 24th : Grange Motor Circuit in Applevalley, CA
October 25th: Calspeed in Fontana, CA
October 26th & 27th: (Los Angeles Kart Club Race Weekend) consulting work for all drivers under the PSL So-Cal tent
"I'm excited to work with the PSL So-Cal Team," added Jonathan Thonon. "They have accomplished a lot of good things in 2013, and I look forward to improve upon this and to bring new winning perspectives to the team to ensure their future success. The interest that has been shown by all the drivers of every level since the announcement of this event is very exciting."
Any interested driver can visit the PSL So-Cal website or contact PSL So-Cal at 951-897-0550.

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