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How does it work?

The ReRace device is an extremely precise, yet adaptable instrument; it can be easily mounted on a vehicle to gather basic data, also by wiring various sensors you can expand the data acquired from the vehicle to the device. The main features are:
  • Color Display: high quality, high contrast TFT color display
  • LED bar shift gear
  • Built in 10 Hz GPS
  • Capture RPM, Coolant and Exhaust Temperature and Gear engagement
  • OBD port  (CAN Bus, compatible with standard ISO15765) 
  • Connection with GoPro® to synchronize video with the data
  • Internal lithium battery to ensure over four hours of race time and easily recharged via cigarette lighter
  • ReRace is only 110x75x29mm (4.33x2.95x1.14 inch), only weighs 195 grams (6.8 ounces)
  • Special data encryption system (patent pending), used to capture, save, and secure the data for use on ReRace Connect

but the key element and differentiator in ReRace is the built-in IMU; this captures:
  • G-force over three axis
  • Roll (lean angle on motorbike)
  • Pitch (wheelie angle on motorbike)
  • Yaw angle
Install the ReRace on Car/Motorbike/Kart

Installing ReRace on Car/Motorbike/Kart is intuitive and simple; there are three threaded inserts on the back of ReRace, just tighten a screw and you are ready to race. It's also compatible with most Ram Mount Device® 's.

Thanks to the internal rechargeable battery you can use the device right away even on a kart.

Without any wiring, the device can acquire a large number of data elements such as lap times, trajectories and speed on the track, G-Force, roll, pitch and yaw angles. By wiring dedicated sensors it's possible to expand the acquired data, you can connect an RPM sensor, a speed wheel sensor for gear calculation, coolant and exhaust gas temperature sensors. Using ReRace on a new car (suitable for all cars from 2008 on), instead of wiring various sensors, its possible to download all data from the ECU via the OBD port (compatible with standard ISO15765) using a single cable.

Join ReRace Connect

So, now you have your racing data captured, authenticated and videoed, it's time to share your race telemetry with the racing world, and with ReRace Connect, you can do that, too.

ReRace is designed to integrate with ReRace Connect, which is a community of fellow racers - in your ReRace Connect account you have virtual Garages for multiple vehicles, personal profiles, detailed racing analysis, maps, a place to upload your video and of course the ability to ReRace with your results, and compare even challenge - others within the ReRace Connect community.

Simply upload your data (stored in a SD Memory Card) and using drag and drop to select the settings you would like to use and the graphs and trajectories will be available at your finger-tips. No additional software or plugins are required; the HTML 5 format allows for multi-platform use: PC, MAC, Tablet, and SmartPhone.

What’s so cool about the ReRace device

10 Hz GPS Unit
This is a state-of-the art built-in GPS system base which enables refined capture of racing details, such as trajectories and speed, as well as the ability to measure lap and intermediate times with maximum precision without any external beacon.

Thanks to our database of major worldwide circuits, the track is immediately recognized and finish line and intermediate timeline are loaded automatically. It also possible to create your own personal track, utilizing a simple process and lastly to simpy use the device in open track mode!

Built-in Inertial Measurement Unit
ReRace is the first device of its kind to integrate an inertial measure unit that computes and captures G-Force acceleration and roll, pitch, yaw, angle; this means that for Motorbikes ReRace measures lean and wheelie angle.

ReRace again…your own personal racing video
Connect your GoPro® camera and ReRace will start synchronizing video recording with data acquisition. After uploading video and data on the website, ReRace Connect will automatically create a high quality video with your racing telemetry data just like the professionals on TV.

Effortless storage and data transfer from ReRace Device to your ReRace Connect Account
Just like your digital camera, race data is stored on SD Card memory so you can easily transfer the data from to your system. But, to be more sophisticated – use a SD Wifi Card and transfer your data wirelessly.

Did you cut corners on your race? ReRace Connect will know!
ReRace Connect contains a post-race validation algorithm which will check your data/course to verify that you (and, other members of the ReRace Connect) observed universal racing guidelines. Together with data encrypted at the time of the race, ReRace Connect can assure that all of the data loaded is what you have done on track. There is a level playing field, no one can cheat!

A sensor for every measure you want to collect

What measurements would you like to capture when you race? ReRace enables you to capture a wide range of critical engine and vehicle dynamic data.

Engine Data
The simplest method of measuring car engine data; just attach the cable to the OBD port/electronic control unit and go. Compatible with standard ISO15765, suitable for all cars from 2008 on.

RPM Active Cable
If your car is older than 2008, or you are racing a kart or motorbike, you can capture RPM using RPM Active Cable simply turning wire around high voltage coil cable or low voltage coil cable (coil built in spark plug). You can also connect the RPM Active Cable to the RPM output on your vehicle’s ECU.

Coolant and Exhaust System temperature
Attach the cable to the PT1000 bulb sensor to acquire coolant data; sleeves in various diameters will also be available in order to ensure easy installation. To obtain exhaust system temperature, attach the K-thermocouple to ReRace.

Gear Calculation
Although gear calculation is already measured by the RPM cable and GPS, if would like maximum precision, you can connect the hall speed sensor to measure wheel revolution.

GoPro® Cable
Attach your GoPro® recorder to synchronize the visual record of your race with telemetry data generated during the race.

SD Wi-Fi Card
Transfer your racing data from ReRace to your computer wirelessly - it could not be easier to transfer your data!


Yes, we are working on developing additional cables/sensors that will allow even more precision and types of data measurements! ReRace device has a CAN line that allows you to connect future acquisition modules.

Press Release by: ReRace - 20/09/13

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