Tender for pooled engines in MSA British Junior Kart Championship 2014

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The promoters of the Super One Series invite tenders for the supply of pooled engines for the MSA Junior British Kart Championship from 2014 – 2015 with the possibility of an extension to the end of 2017, subject in part to the engines being replaced by a current CIK homologated model. The MSA has given its approval to the concept.

The MSA has given its approval to the concept.

1.       There are six weekend rounds per annum in the series, usually between April and October, but the contract may be extended by mutual agreement to facilitate the supply of pooled engines at other major annual events such as the ABkC ‘O’ Plate.


2.       The engine supplied must be a currently homologated CIK KF Junior engine and use the Tillotson HW23 homologated carburettor.

3.       All parts except the radiator must be supplied including wiring loom, complete exhaust system, battery, carburettor, airbox etc.  The competitor will supply his or her own chassis with radiator.

4.       Each competitor will receive two identical engines per weekend, issued on Thursday evening or Friday morning for the weekend use.  Engines will be issued by a random draw.

5.       Engines must be tested and confirmed equal power output and dyno curves on each occasion.

6.       The minimum number supplied per event will be 20 (10 competitors) but it is expected that the average entry will be between 15 and 25, however this cannot be guaranteed.  If the entry for a meeting falls below 10 the promoters reserve the right to suspend the operations until the entry proves sufficient.

7.       The supplier must have available a minimum of four spare engines per weekend.  The number of engines required per weekend will be given one week in advance (Thursday).  The number registered for the series will be given three weeks before the first round, note there can be guest entries.

8.       The successful tenderer must be able to guarantee relevant supply levels and be fully supported by the manufacturer of the engines. Either the manufacturer or a UK agent may tender in their own rights but agreements between them must be shown.

9.       The supplier must provide full technical support to the series and the competitors and provide initial set up information for gearing, carburettor etc.

10.   Damage to engines will be at the expense of the competitor at normal retail spare parts prices.

11.   The exhaust systems and wiring looms must be affixed with a unique seal to prevent tampering, and the seal must have a bar code.

12.   The engine bottom end and cylinder must be sealed with a unique seal number and bar coded engine but it must allow for the cylinder head to be removed for inspection by the competitor.

13.   The supplier or UK Agent of a manufacturer supplying the engines must not have any involvement or be associated with any competitor in the class, they must not be ‘running’ any competitors.

14.   The tender must include the price per two engine package per weekend hire (showing whether this includes VAT or not), remembering that only one exhaust, airbox and loom will be needed but two carburettors.

15.   The tender must also have a price for the outright purchase of an engine, in case a competitor wishes to purchase an identical engine for private testing.

16.   Annual increase must not exceed UK CPI as know at 1st November of the preceding year.

17.   A homologation fiche must be supplied in order for eligibility checks (and for each competitor).

18.   The successful tenderer must have insurance as follows:

i) public liability insurance in the minimum amount of £5million sterling for each event

thereunder and

ii) professional indemnity insurance in the minimum amount of £1million sterling for each event thereunder (copies of policies to be provided before contracts signed) and

iii) product liability insurance in the minimum amount of £5million sterling for each event thereunder

19.   The tender opens immediately and closes at 1700 hours on Monday 21st October.  Tenders must be delivered in a sealed envelope, enclosed in another envelope with covering letter, to Mr John Hoyle, Manley House Farm, Manley Lane, Manley, Cheshire, WA6 0PF, tel +44 (0)1928 740090.

20.   The Super One promoter has no obligation to accept any tender nor to enter into any agreement with anyone that submits a tender.  Further, the tender process is subject to a written agreement being entered into with the successful tenderer.

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