KF win for Basz

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Karol Basz (Tony Kart/Vortex) grabs a well-deserved win for what shown over the weekend in Sarno, but Dane Nielsen (Kosmic/Vortex) makes his life a lot more difficult than expected risking to take both out with a very risky manouevre right before the chequered flag.

CIK International KF Super Cup, Sarno (I) 4-6 October
The two drivers start to fight from the early stages, with Kodric (FA Kart/Vortex) a lonely 3rd for most of the race. Boccolacci (Energy/Tm) closed in 4th just ahead of fellow countryman Besancenez (Tony Kart/Tm) while Viganò (Top Kart/Parilla), Stupenkov (Energy/Tm) and Stroll (Zanardi/Tm) fade early in the final.



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