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The driver from the KMS Europe team dominated the scene at the last Rotax Euro event at Salbris.

The circuit at Salbris, France hosted the last competition in the Rotax Euro Challenge, the European championship for the Austrian trophy which involved 4 events during the 2013 season. 
After a season featuring some top competitors, the KMS Team and Ben Cooper triumphed in the decisive round, so winning the prestigious Class DD2 title. 
Victory for the English driver came in the best way possible, with wins in both the Pre-Final and the Final. Orrock and Laiho finished just behind Cooper in the French event, while in the championship table the wearers of the Birel colours took the title with 249 points, thoroughly beating the Babington Team. 
During the French event, there were certainly other competitors who stood out in the DD2 class: the Swiss driver, Ludi (Spirit Team), who achieved pole position and 8th place in the Final, and the Hungarian, Kancsar (KMS Team), who came in 3rd in the Pre-Final and 6th in the Final, finishing the championship in 4th place. 
Varley also had an excellent weekend (again wearing the Birel colours). Competing in the Senior Class, he only missed a place on the podium during the final jostling for position, finishing in 5th place behind the race-winner Fowlie. 
The excellent results achieved by the drivers and members of the Birel Team over the 2013 season reflect a policy of supporting karting by more promotional means. The Birel management aims to reach its objectives by increasing the number of initiatives harnessed in support of the National championships, and also of the major commercial events such as the Rotax challenge.    
New chassis and components were used for the Salbris competition, specifically developed for these categories of karts. These are now ready to be finalised and put into production for the new 2014 models.

photos by Alexandros Vernardis / The Racebox’, and Gabrielle Hus / The Racebox’


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