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The Canadian National Karting Championships were contested recently and in a fantastic display on its home turf at Goodwood Kartways, IPK North America scored two National Championships!

Together with its dealers from Praga Racing Ontario, IPK Quebec and JDL Distributing, a squad of thirty-one drivers represented IPK in all nine of Canada's official classes, reaching the podium in five and winning with both two-stroke and four-stroke Praga chassis. In a week-long affair that is the greatest meeting on Canadian soil, IPK North America proved beyond a doubt it can deliver on the grandest of stages.
“We have had great results all year long and it was just perfect for things to be in top form at the biggest event of the year,” said Team Manager Marco Di Leo. “The team worked hard in preparation for this one and two National Championships and three World Final tickets later we accomplished what we set out to do. We look forward to adding to the story in NOLA!”
Rotax Senior driver Tyler Kashak was the only team driver to score a Canadian Tire SuperPole Award, but by the end of heat racing IPK North America had a pair of team drivers sitting in pole position heading to National Prefinals. Zachary Claman DeMelo had moved to Rotax Senior pole and Tyler McCullough was on pole in Briggs & Stratton Junior. Xavier Harris in Rotax Micro-Max, Kashak and Di Leo were also starting from the front row.
When the National Finals began, Di Leo himself put Praga on the podium first when he finished runner-up in DD2, and in the very next Final McCullough came through to win a Junior National Championship! Harris was then next up the steps for the team, finishing third in Micro-Max, before Claman DeMelo won Rotax Senior with Kashak joining him on the podium in third. Fan favourite Elvis Stojko was next by finishing second in DD2 Masters, and John Cariati was right behind him in third, bringing the podium total to seven.
“It was a great feeling to see our drivers from youngest to oldest accomplishing so much at Nationals,” Di Leo concluded in looking back. “It's just a great feeling to help direct these drivers to reach their potential and achieve their karting goals. Three team drivers are now headed to the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals, and at the ECKC finale next week we could be adding to the tally once again with Joshua Cunha and Francis Mondou. It'll be a great way to end yet another strong season.”
IPK North America will wrap up its Canadian season next week at the Eastern Canadian Karting Championship finale in Mont-Tremblant. For more information on how IPK North America and its dealer network can assist you there, please contact: marco@goodwoodkartways.com

IPK North America Driver Results
Canadian National Karting Championships, Goodwood Kartways
Goodwood Kartways / Praga Racing Ontario / IPK Quebec / JDL Distributing
Rotax Micro-Max
Xavier Harris – 3rd
Gianluca Savaglio – 5th
Dale Curran – 6th
Austin Boyle – 9th
Joshua Cunha – 11th
Matthew Barry – 12th
Rotax Mini-Max
Christopher Chanko – 8th
Matthew Barry – 9th
Rotax Junior
Marco Signoretti – 9th
Russell Boyle – 21st
Rotax Senior
Zachary Claman DeMelo – 1st – Canadian National Champion
Tyler Kashak – 3rd
Aleki Liverant – 15th
Daniel Nunes – 27th
Jeff Oswald – 30th
Rotax DD2
Marco Di Leo – 2nd
Max Preston – 6th
DD2 Masters
Elvis Stojko – 2nd
John Cariati – 3rd
Francis Mondou – 6th
David Nevin – 8th
Kevin Stamco – 11th
Paulo Gomes – 12th
Briggs & Stratton Junior
Tyler McCullough – 1st – Canadian National Champion
Christopher Proietto – 8th
Nicholas Hornbostel – 11th
Chaston Cullum – 14th
Briggs & Stratton Senior
Keenan Harris – 10th
Lauren Fortune – 12th
Simon Rousseau – 33rd
David Miller – 34th
Briggs & Stratton Masters
Alan Sanders – 7th

Press Release by: IPKarting - 09/09/13

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