New MKI Monaco R1 aerodynamic kart

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The new Monaco R1 kart, produced by MKI Racing was presented in Lonato, Italy, by GT3 driver Giacomo Barri.

By and large, aerodynamics is not a fundamental feature in karting, but in the case of the Monaco R1 it’s quite the opposite. This type of equipment is a cross-over between a traditional kart and a single-seater. But the original chassis is not the sole unique feature of this accurately designed R1 kart. The main structure is made of carbon fibre, and the lower section takes advantage of aerodynamic air flows to create downforce with the same principle used in formula racing.
The bodywork is made of several pieces and features two adjustable wings, one in the front and one in the rear, while the mechanical components have been realized by Crg, making the R1 a 100% Made in Italy product. Wheelbase and track have been increased compared to a standard kart, yet camber and caster setup remain standard.
To complete the technical description, the new Monaco R1 kart is powered by a 2-stroke, 50bhp water-cooled engine (with centrifugal clucth, electric start, 6-speed gearbox), and equipped with a braking system with auto-ventilating Duralcan discs, 6-inch tyres, and a GPS data acquisition system.
The kart can be customized according to specific requests similarly to hand-made supercars, therefore the waiting list can take longer than a standard kart.
The Monaco R1 will be available for tests in the Fall, and it will be available for purchase as of March 2014 at a cost of 18,000 euro + VAT.
For further information visit or contact us on +39 392-3863311

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