European SKF/KZ2 Championship: a real show!

Very heated racing all the way through Sunday finals, like only in karting. This sums up the first round of the European SKF/KZ2 Championship held at Muro Leccese (I) the past weekend.

Report A.Aliberti / Photos G.Cuna

Tyres played a very important role particularly in the two SKF finals, where Finn Simo Puhakka grabs final 1, and then Brit Jason Parrott dominates final 2. In KZ2, Czech driver Hajek takes both final wins, taking advantage of Tillocca engine failure in final 2. The Sardinian driver seemed set to take the win, firmly in command with 5 laps to go. He will surely have another shot at the win, just like Piccoli, who slightly lacked the edge this time around.



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