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Interwetten-racing, in co-operation with Diligentia Racing, have created an advanced Junior Development Program to bridge the gap from Karting to Formula.

For the First time in history, young drivers will be given an opportunity to participate in a Junior Development Program in Dubai that will enable them to qualify for the Interwetten testing day in Barcelona 2014. Three drivers from this program will be invited to participate and compete with other drivers for a spot on the Interwetten-racing team for the 2014 season. 

“We are constantly on the search for new talent in motor-sport”, said Michael Schneider General Manager of Interwetten-racing. “There are a lot of talented young drivers in the karting scene. Our goal is to find the best talents and develop them for a successful career in Formula racing. That is why we have partnered with Diligentia Racing to develop an advanced program to teach these talented drivers all the necessary skills, knowledge and techniques in order to get them ready for their formula career."

The young drivers who are selected for the program will be put through a very comprehensive and intensive program, said Frank Dreyer Program Director at Diligentia Racing. The drivers will develop their skills in our Renault 2.0 series. All our cars are fully equipped with on board data acquisition system. Interwetten-racing and Diligentia Racing have many years of motor sport experience combined. We have developed a training methodology to maximize the driver’s potential. It is a   strategic combination of track time and practical training in the classroom and simulator exercises. At the end of the program, the drivers will receive an in-depth performance report along with recommendations for future development. 

“We are very excited about the program and we look forward to working together with these talented young drivers on developing their career in Formula racing”.


A former professional F3 race driver has also been recruited on the team to teach the drivers the technical skills required for faster lap time on the track.  


About Interwetten-racing:

Interwetten-racing is a racing team from Austria founded in 2001 by 2 times Formula 2 champion Walter Raus. For the past 12 years, Interwetten-racing is competing in the Formula 2.0 and the World Series 3.5. In 2006, Interwetten was the winning team in the World Series 3.5. 

About Diligentia Racing:

Diligentia Racing was established to help young motorsport enthusiasts improve their racing performance. Founded by Frank Dreyer, the company sets itself apart from other racing schools by incorporating simulator training into the program. As a Pilot and former Air Force Captain, Frank Dreyer knows the importance of using simulator training in teaching and practicing the learned skills in order to improve real life performance. Based on his aviation expertise, Frank Dreyer has developed a state-of-the art simulator where required skills such as accuracy, consistency and anticipation can be trained and measured by the simulator to track the driver’s progress. 



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Press Release by: Diligentia-Racing - 15/07/13

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