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Kart World Championship at RaceHall ready to go

Kart World Championship at RaceHall ready to go
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With only 5 days left to the Indoor event of the year, we take a look at the superb facility that will host the 2013 Kart World Championship.

Some facts and info about the event at RaceHall:


- It's an old indoor soccer stadium which was turned into a karting arena.


- The track is located in Viby near Århus, the second largest city in Denmark.


- The track is 1,000 metres long and 10-12 metros wide > In the picture you can see the old layout - for the KWC event there will be some exciting changes done to the track.


- The track is one of the largest in the world making for a state of the art venue. The asphalt contains 20% more rubber than ordinary tarmac, ensuring excellent grip and high corner speed.


-  ATR Team Brask is the "Dream Team" of the event featuring Giorgio Pantano, Jean-Philippe Guignet, Brandon Maisano, and Benjamin Bailly. The management behind this team is Pantano´s former Manager, Lars-Christian Brask & Martin Christensen...


- ATR Team Brask will race with black ribbons to honour the memory of the late Allan Simonsen, the Aston Martin driver who was killed in LeMans. Allan was a dear friend and former Team Brask driver.


-  Guignet has been on the podium already 4 times in previous events held on this track.

For more info visit the official website or the event's Facebook page

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