World Championships for KF & KF-Junior: equipment transport and accommodation in Bahrain

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The President of the CIK-FIA, Shaikh Abdulla Bin Isa Al Khalifa, mentioned at Wackersdorf that certain expenses for drivers would be taken care of for the event in Bahrain, the KF & KF World Junior Championships from 19th to 23rd November 2013.

A few weeks later at Alcañiz, the leaders of the organization gave all the necessary information to the competitors and teams involved, as well as answering direct questions.


The transport of equipment will be provided free of charge immediately after the World Championship event at Sarno, on October 6th. Each competitor will have a 6m3 container at Sarno, which will be carried by boat to Bahrain then delivered directly to the circuit. The return of the equipment to the port of Genoa will also be covered by the organizer, where the teams will pick it up. It will be possible to rent a 4x4m tent in the paddock for €250 for the whole meeting.


Regarding accommodation, a double room in one of the largest hotels in Bahrain will graciously be made available to each driver, from 18th to 24th November. Transfers between the hotel and the track (up to 30 min) and meals for the driver and a person of his choice will be provided free by the organizer during the entire stay.



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