Procedure for supplying tyres for italian national classes starts

ACI-Csai has formally started procedures for tender to assign tyres for all national classes. Besides norms that all manufacturers interested must follow, parameters have been given for tyres mounted in each class.di M. Voltini

As for the size of tyres, they are different to before or to what is foreseen for the corresponding Cik classes, this applies mainly to KF3, KF2 and KZ2, which will mount hard compound Cik homologated tyres.

However, Cik classification is not requested for other national classes. Mini, that is, 50 and 60cc, which will mount tyres with compound hardness equal to 69 degrees Shore (more or less 5 of allowance) while in Italy the 100 and 125 cc will be at 54 degrees and MTL at 60 degrees.

Now letters are attended with which manufacturer express their interest and the type of tyres they recommend.


Stay tuned!
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