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On the German circuit of Wackersdorf, Riccardo Negro succeeded in dominating the race, despite about one hundred contenders for the 2013 European title in KZ2, by winning the first round of the Championship after a hard-fought final.

All the DR/TM karts showed their remarkable effectiveness throughout the meeting: Antonsen was fourth in the standings, while Rismyrh, Gudmundsson, and Huber, from DR Germany, all put in some excellent performances and entered the top 5 in the qualifying heats.
As the season progresses, DR Racing chassis increasingly show their qualities in a very difficult KZ2 international class. Riccardo Negro fights for victory in every competition, and now several of his team mates are following his lead, supported by the performances of a kart that has achieved a convincing balance, in harmony with TM engines prepared by DR.
«I am completely satisfied with Riccardo (Negro)'s performances», commented Danilo Rossi, the boss. «In order to reach a good place in the final phases, it was important to avoid several obstacles, and this is exactly what he has done. Then he has kept the momentum going during the final race by perfectly controlling his main competitor. This is another great success for him, but it is also a reward for our kart, which has been both effective and reliable throughout this top-level competition. Emil Antonsen's growing effectiveness is also a source of satisfaction for the team.»
At Wackersdorf, Negro started by conquering pole position, and then he took 4 victories in the qualifying heats. Choosing an offensive strategy based on tyres, he was third in pre-final 2, but was able to climb up quickly from 5th to 1st in the final, keeping the lead from the third to the 24th and last lap of the race, despite a group of strong competitors. Emil Antonsen followed him closely on a similar course up to 4th place, which is a very encouraging result for the Norwegian driver.

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Press Release by: DR Racing Kart - 22/05/13

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